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Hookah And Teas


We offer flavored Hookahs including Candy Tips for parties of all sizes take a look at a list of our flavors listed below.  While enjoying your favorite Coffee and Teas as well.

Tobacco  and Nicotine Free Flavors coming soon!


Electric Hookah and shisha Flavor. 

  • Blue Mist One of the more popular flavors, this gives a sweet minty experience with a hint of blueberry.

  • Mango Another local favorite, whether you like your smoke heavy or light, this sweet flavor keeps an even but smooth taste.

  • Strawberry Sweet and juicy through and through.

  • Pineapple Tropical notes with the familiar sweet and tangy smell that gives pineapples their popular reputation.

  • Mint A classic flavor with the help of the mighty menthol. This flavor leaves you with an icy touch.

  • Orange  Very popular, tastes like the actual fruit with citrus high notes and a little tang.

  • Mix Berry An infusion of blueberries, strawberries, and cherries gives a sweet beginning and a smooth after taste.

  • Peach Cream Who doesn't love the taste of peach? This flavor gives the sweet hints of peaches while giving a vanilla aftertaste.

  • Grape Fruit Citric high notes makes you wanting to come back for more.

  • Cinnamon  and Bubble Gum

  • Watermelon Mint

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